This website allows you to calculate in monetary terms the contribution companies make to Germany meeting its sustainability goals in terms of climate change protection and economic development using the Sustainable Value approach. Companies contribute to both climate change and economic development. They contribute to climate change by emitting Greenhouse Gases like CO2. At the same time they contribute to the economic development of a country through their contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This website allows you to calculate to which degree companies contribute to achieving these goals. Companies with a positive Sustainable Value allow us to meet both goals. A negative Sustainable Value is a sign that a company does not make a positive contribution to meeting both goals. Germany has made a commitment to reducing its CO2 footprint. At the same time Germany is keen to continue being economically successful. We therefore expect companies to make a larger contribution to meeting both goals in the future. Germany can meet its sustainability objectives only if German companies make a higher contribution in the future. With the help of this website you can calculate which companies already meet this challenge today.